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A GPS tracker for monitoring trips of people with motorcycles


A GPS tracker for monitoring trips of people with vehicles


A next-generation GPS tracker that records trips made by field personnel

· Features ·

Track your vehicles & personnel

Because of its small size, you can use the ATLAS + Trip Recorder to monitor trip of people or vehicles.

No Monthly Fees

You don’t have to pay any monthly fees or any form of recurring charges when using the ATLAS + Trip Recorder.

Buy it once. Use it forever.

Works Anywhere in the PH

The ATLAS acquires location & time information from satellites.

So, it will work anywhere. Even in the middle of the sea.

See where your vehicles & people have been all day long

With the ATLAS, you can view the recorded trips drawn on a map & playable like a movie. See what streets they passed, where they stopped, what time they were there. Now, you will know if your people are working all day long.

Easy To Use

Using the ATLAS requires no training on the part of the driver. He just carries the unit all day long.

And the playback software is as easy-to-use as MS Word.

Easy To Review

Reviewing a recorded trip takes very little time & effort. A recorded trip of 8 hours can be viewed within 2 minutes.

Our Clients

· Testimonials ·

Qualiplus International

Before, we had no way to monitor our employees when commuting or using motorcycles. After using ATLAS, our work efficiency doubled.

Net Pacific Inc.

In the past, we had to deal with a lot of unnecessary trips & unnecessary overtime.

Ramson Lightings Corp.

Deliveries were completed faster .. resulting to more deliveries & more sales. The ATLAS + Trip Recorder paid for itself quickly.

Philippine Insulation Co. Inc.

When we started using the ATLAS + Trip Recorder, we found out our drivers turn in overtime due to unauthorized side trips. Problem solved.

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